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Private Games That Hit Differently

A more affordable adventure awaits

Private Games are less about tailored experiences and more about just sitting back and enjoying the adventure presented before you. We have many prewritten adventures designed to jump right into the action, without all the corporate jargon and teambuilding directed path. This is your best choice for a fun game of Dungeons & Dragons with your coworkers or friends to unwind and forget about your normal routines. Want to dive into adventure without the larger investment? This is your option.

What's the difference between a Corporate Teambuilding event and a Private Game?

The biggest difference between our Corporate and Private Games is the cost. For only $35 per player per session, we will run a remote game of Dungeons & Dragons for you and your team or friends. That's it. No extra prep time, just create characters and start slaying some monsters. This option is the most basic option we have for a reason. Sometimes, you just want to jump into a campaign or a one-shot without worrying about how this will affect your productivity. Here's the secret though; this is still a great way to build your team or strengthen your friendships. Dungeons & Dragons is great on its own, but here at Critical Success we take it a few steps further to reinforce the values of the company you keep.

Interested in a more authentic Dungeons & Dragons Experience?

Ever since the days of quarantining away from our friends and coworkers because of COVID, many players have been craving the clatter of dice on the table and moving their miniatures through a dungeon on a map. This is where In-Person games come in! We are a Greater Seattle Area based company and can provide a personal game at your location. We can discuss the fees associated with our in-person games during a free consultation.

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